Difference Between LED & LCD

One of the major difference between the LED and the LCD is that the LED uses the PN-Junction diode which emits light when the current passing through it, whereas LCD uses liquid crystal or plasma for visible light emission. The liquid crystals are filled between the glass electrode and when the power is applied across it, …

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Difference Between CFL & LED Bulbs

The major difference between the CFL and LED is that in CFL the emission of light is because of the ionisation of mercury vapour. The mercury vapour when ionise produces ultraviolet rays. These rays when collides with phosphorous coating tube generates visible light. Whereas in the LED it is because of the PN junction diode. When …

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Difference Between kW & kWh

The most significant difference between the kW and kWh is that the KW measure the power generate and utilise by the devices, whereas the kWh measure the energy consumed by the electrical equipment. The other differences between kW and kWh are explained below in the comparison chart. The word demand shows the kW, and the word …

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