Difference Between RTD & Thermistor

The Thermistor and the RTD both are the temperatures measuring device. The major difference between the RTD and the Thermistor is that the RTD is made of metal, whereas the semiconductor material is used for Thermistor.  The other differences between the Thermistor and RTD are explained below in the comparison chart. As the Thermistor is …

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Difference Between Sensor & Transducer

One of the significant difference between the sensor and the transducer is that the sensor senses the physical changes occur in the surrounding whereas the transducer converts the physical quantity or nonelectrical into another signal or electrical signal. Some other differences between the sensor and transducer are explained below in the comparison chart. The transducer …

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Difference Between Charge & Current

The most significant difference between the charge and the current is that the charge is the physical property of matter, whereas the current is the rate of flow of charges. Some other differences between charge and current are explained below in the tabular form. The electric charge is the physical property of matter which experiences the …

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