Electrical Machines

Direct On Line Starter

Direct On Line Starter method is a common method of starting of Cage Induction Motor. The motor is connected through a starter across the full supply voltage. The Direct On Line Starter Method figure is shown below. It consists a coil operated contactor C controlled by start and stop push button as shown in the …

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Construction of Induction Motor

The three-phase induction motor is a preferable type of motor. It is mostly used in industrial drives because it is very reasonable and vigorous, economical and reliable. It is also called asynchronous motor because it does not run at a synchronous speed. The induction motor requires very little maintenance and also it has high overloading …

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Induction Motor

Induction Motor or machines are also called as Asynchronous Machine. The word Asynchronous means that the machine never runs at synchronous speed. Induction motors are mainly of two types. It can be single-phase or three-phase induction motors. A Single-phase induction motor is usually built in small size (up to 3 H.P). The three-phase induction motors …

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