Induction Motor

Induction Motor or machines are also called as Asynchronous Machine. The word Asynchronous means that the machine never runs at synchronous speed. Induction motors are mainly of two types. It can be single-phase or three-phase induction motors.

A Single-phase induction motor is usually built in small size (up to 3 H.P). The three-phase induction motors are the most commonly used AC motors in the industry. They are simple in construction, reliable. It has low cost, high efficiency, reasonably good power factor, reliable, self-starting torque, and low maintenance. Almost more than 90% of the mechanical energy used in the industry is provided by three-phase induction motors.

Three-phase induction motors are mainly used in the industry for power conversion, i.e., electrical to mechanical power conversion in bulk or a large quantity. But for small power conversion single-phase induction motors are used. The induction motors perform a variety of services in the home, office, business, factories, etc.

In all the domestic appliances such as refrigerators, fans, washing machines, hair dryers, mixer grinder, etc., single-phase induction motor are used.

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