Stepper Motor Applications

The Stepper motor is manufactured in various sizes ranging from milliwatts to hundreds of watts. Its maximum torque value ranges up to 15 Newton Meter and the step angle ranges from 1.8 to 90 degrees. As already discussed earlier What is a Stepper Motor? and the Step Angle. The Stepper Motor Applications have a wide range. Some of the applications are given below:

  • As the stepper motor is digitally controlled using an input pulse, they are suitable for use with computer-controlled systems.
  • They are used in numeric control of machine tools.
  • Used in tape drives, floppy disc drives, printers, and electric watches.
  • The stepper motor also uses in X-Y plotter and robotics.
  • It has wide application in textile industries and integrated circuit fabrications.
  • The other applications of the Stepper Motor are in spacecraft launched for scientific explorations of the planets etc.
  • These motors also find a variety of commercial, medical, and military applications and are also used in the production of science fiction movies.
  • Stepper motors of microwatts are used in wristwatches.
  • In the machine tool, the stepper motors with ratings of several tens of kilowatts are used.

This is all about the applications of Stepper Motor.

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