Optical Fiber Communication

Optical Network

Definition: An Optical Network is basically a communication network used for the exchange of information through an optical fiber cable between one end to another. It is one of the quickest networks used for data communication. As we already know that data signal through an optical fiber is transmitted in the form of light pulses. …

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Rayleigh Scattering

Definition: Rayleigh scattering is the phenomena of scattering of light particles majorly by the molecules of gas (sometimes also by solid and liquid). This scattering of light was first noticed by Lord Rayleigh in 1871 and thus named so. Basically when electromagnetic light propagates through air, then the back and forth movement of electrons inside the …

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Splicing of Optical Fibers

Definition: Splicing of optical fibers is a technique used to join two optical fibers. This technique is used in optical fiber communication, in order to form long optical links for better as well as long-distance optical signal transmission. Splicers are basically couplers that form a connection between two fibers or fiber bundles. At the time …

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