Advantages and Applications of an Induction Generator

In the previous article Induction Generator we have seen, What is an Induction Generator? And its torque-speed characteristic. Here we are now going to discuss the various advantages, disadvantages, and applications of the Induction Generator.


The induction machine is also used as a generator. It is used in wind turbines and micro-hydro machinery because it generates useful power at the variable speed of the rotor. The induction generator is more economical and reliable as compared to other generators. It is mostly used in wind generation stations because of the variable speed factor.

 Advantages of an Induction Generator

The various Advantages of an Induction Generator are as follows:

  • An induction generator requires less maintenance because of its robust construction. An ordinary cage motor is used as an induction generator as it is cheap.
  • Parallel operation is possible without hunting.
  • Speed variation of the prime mover is less prominent.
  • The induction generator is smaller in size per Kilowatt output power.
  • It needs less auxiliary equipment.
  • It does not have to be synchronized to the supply line as that of the synchronous generator.
  • The induction generator has a self-protection feature. In the case of the short circuit, if a fault occurs on its terminals, the excitation fails, and the machine stops the generation itself.

Applications of an Induction Generator

  • The use of induction generators started in the early twentieth century. In the 1960s and 1970s its usage has become very less but later its usage started again.
  • They are used with alternative energy sources, such as windmills or with energy recovery systems in the industrial processes.
  • They are also used to supply additional power to a load in a remote area that is being supplied by a weak transmission line.

Limitation of an Induction Generator

The major limitation of an Induction Generator is that it requires reactive volt-amperes from the auxiliary equipment.

An Induction Generator cannot generate reactive volt-amperes. It requires reactive volt-amperes from the supply mains for the excitation process. The operation of an induction generator requires a synchronous machine, whether a generator or a motor for providing required reactive volt-amperes.

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