Difference Between Volt & Amp

One of the major difference between the volt and amp is that the volt is the SI unit of the voltage, potential difference and electromotive force whereas the amp is the SI unit of the current. The volt and amp are differentiated below on the various other factors.

Content: Volt Vs Amp

Comparison Chart

Basis For Comparison VoltAmp
DefinitionIt measure the force that causes the electron to flow through the conductor.Measures the rate of flow of electrons through the conductor.
FormulaJoule / coulombCoulomb / second
Abbreviation V A
Measuring QuantityVoltage, electromotive force and potential difference. Electric current.
Measuring InstrumentVoltmeterAmmeter

Definition of Volt

Volt measure the work done by an electric charge to move from one end to another.It is the unit of the potential difference, electric potential and electromotive force. The volt is represented by the symbol V. Micro-volt, millivolt, kilovolt, and mega volt are the subunit of the volts. One volt is equal to the work done by one joule to charge the body at one coulomb.

Definition of Amp

The ampere is the SI unit of electric current. It measures the rate of flow of electric charge flow through the conductor. It is represented by the symbol A. One ampere is equal to the one coulomb of charge which is mathematically equal to the 6.242 X 1018 times the elementary charge.

Key Differences Between Volt and Amp.

  1. The volt measure the force which causes the electrons to flow through the conductor whereas the amp measure the rate of flow electrons.
  2. Volt is equal to the ratio of joule per coulomb whereas the amp is represented by the  coulomb per second.
  3. The volt is represented by the symbol V and the ampere is represented by the symbol A.
  4. The volt is the unit of potential difference, voltage and electromotive force, whereas the amp is the unit of current.
  5. The volt is measured by the voltmeter whereas the amp is measured by the ammeter.

The volts and amp both are correlated with ohms law.

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