NOT Gate

The NOT gate is a single input single output gate. This gate is also known as Inverter because it performs the inversion of the applied binary signal, i.e., it converts 0 into 1 or I into 0. In other words, the gate which has high input signal only when their input signal is low such type of gate is known as the not gate. The logic symbol for the gate is shown below.

NOT-GATE-FIG-5The symbol of the not gate is a triangle with a bubble on its end. This bubble is known as the inversion bubble. It gives the complement of the input signal. It is also known as the decision making devices because it has only one input.The switching circuit diagram of the NOT gate is shown below.

NOT gate figureThe switching circuit illustrates that the lamp will glow when switch A is open and will go off when the switch A is closed.

The truth table of the gate is given below.


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