Electronic Terms

NOT Operation

Like OR and AND operation, the NOT Operation is also an important function in the digital electronic circuit. It is denoted by a bar. The binary not operation is also known as not function or complement function or bit invert function. The not operation has only one input and one output. The input and output …

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OR Operation

The OR Operation is also one of the functions in a digital logic circuit. It is represented by a plus (+) sign. For example: x + y = z which is read as “x or y is equal to z”. The truth table for the OR operation is shown in the table below: The truth …

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AND Operation

The three Binary Operations are AND Operation, OR and NOT Operation. A binary logic deals with variables having distinct values like true or false, yes or no, hot or cold, high or low, etc. In a digital system design, assigning the values 1 or 0 to these two values of the variables because digital algebraic …

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