Privacy Policy

Circuit Globe believes in providing the concerned information to the users without hampering the user’s privacy.

Website Address:

Information stored within the site


Circuit Globe keeps the user’s information through comments along with their respective IP addresses to check for spam detection. We have ‘Akismet’ as our automated spam detection application, and it blocks the publishing of malicious data on the site. The anonymized string obtained from the user’s mail address helps Akismet to inspect for the spam within the site.

We store the comments of the users for an undefined period of time. This helps us to recognize and approve the follow-up comments without any sort of delay.

Contact Us

The contact us form is filled by the visitors of our site. This form collects the personal information of the user relative to future aspects. However, anytime, whenever the user wants, the saved data can be removed by us, excluding the data saved which is required to be kept for security or legal purposes.


It’s totally the user’s choice to share their personal information like name and email address on our site. But if a user does so, then he or she can avoid filling the details while commenting on our site in the future.

Cookies, used by Google AdSense, help in improvising the web browsing experience of the user. Through cookies, relevant ads are displayed to the user; this improves the reporting on campaign performance as well as avoids the display of repetitive ads.

The cookies hold no personal information of the user. Host site and user’s settings allow the addition of cookies information to the user’s Google account.


The analytics tool used by Circuit Globe is ‘Google Analytics’. When users visit our site, then the personal information of the user is collected by their respective interest zone and preferred language. The collection of such information helps google to enhance the experience of the user. The user’s personal information collected is IP address, the location from where the site is being accessed along with browser, application, and device in use for accessing the site.

This personal information of the user is used by our site lawfully for improvements, website promotion, market analysis, and research purposes.

Internet-based advertisement

Circuit Globe fundamentally uses one of the most authentic and trustworthy sources, Google AdSense for monetization. Google AdSense, online behavioral advertising, stores the primary information of the user automatically. Along with the user’s primary information, the information of the particular device accessing the website is also stored. It keeps a record of visitor’s online activity so as to provide targeted advertisements.

The stored information by Google AdSense are as follows:

The technical data like IP address, type of browser, operating system in use, geographical location, internet service provider, time zone setting, etc.

The visitor’s information like complete URL, pages viewed or searched, response time, visiting duration, information of page interaction like clicks and scrolling, and website navigation.

We use Google as our third party vendor for the advertising purpose. This internet-based advertising service displays ads in accordance with the user’s visit. Google displays ads by keeping traces of the previous browsing history of the user, collected through cookies, pixels, or tokens.

The user is authorized to disable the use of cookies whenever required by changing the google ad setting. Also, for disabling the use of cookies by a third-party vendor, the user may reach out to Network Advertising Initiative consumer’s opt-out page.

Data Sharing and Protection

With whom your data is shared?

We share the personal information of the user with third-party vendors without the user’s consent only when asked for any lawful practice, by the court or government for the purpose of identification or investigation regarding cybercrimes. Otherwise, no personal information of the user is shared by ‘Electronics Coach’ at any cost.

How your data on our site is protected?  

We operate our systems under protection through external server capacities, and so user’s data is also protected under the same. The external location is liable to store the user’s data under a contractual approach with the host under proper safety measurements.

Circuit Globe never performs trading of user’s personal information to any third party.