About us

Circuit Globe is a technical site designed with the motto of ‘Easy and Quick Learning’ thus, we aim to lucidly explain topics related to the field of electrical and electronics engineering. So, if you want to gain and explore knowledge in electrical and electronics, then you have chosen the accurate site.

The idea of building Circuit Globe, which is definitely a user-friendly site, is originated to provide readers that are comfortable to avail online data to polish their knowledge and learn new skills.

We are a team of professionals of electrical and electronics background dedicatedly working to provide the best quality content to our visitors.

The sole purpose of our site is to serve students, researchers, scholars, hobbyists, who want to acquire knowledge on topics related to electrical and electronics engineering. The site is not bounded to a specific group of people because anyone who wants to deepen their understanding related to electrical and electronics may visit and explore our site.

Circuit Globe has a vast collection of topics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Some included categories are:

Circuit Theory: In this category, we have discussed, current and voltage division rules, KVL, KCL, delta connection, etc. Along with that, we explained theorems like Norton’s, Thevenin’s, Superposition, Millman’s, Compensation, etc. on our site.

DC Machines: DC Machines include topics like construction and types of DC generator, working of DC motor, starters, Swinburne’s test, and many more.

Electronics Terminologies: The part of electronics includes all about transistors, rectifiers, diodes, semiconductors, transducers, thermistors, and various bridges like Hay’s bridge, Maxwell’s Bridge, AC bridge, Wheatstone Bridge, etc.

Comparisons: This is a quite important category of our site as it helps the visitors to compare two or three terminologies. We have used a well-organized comparison chart to showcase the differences between the topics of concern. Here you will see the comparison between AC and DC motor, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, induction and synchronous motor, etc.

Power System: This category comprises topics related to transformers, overvoltage protection, grounding, power cables, substations, etc.

Along with these, various other categories like Electrical Drives, Electrical Instrumentation, Magnetic Circuits, Special Machines, Synchronous Machines, Magnetic Machines, Switchgear, and Protection, etc. are included in our site.

The site undergoes timely updations, and we will be pleased if you suggest something beneficial for our site and the topics covered within. So, please share your views and ask in case of any queries in the comment section and we will look into it.

We are grateful to have your presence on our site.